Seamless Logistics Revolution

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Introducing a Seamless Logistics Revolution by Alliance Multimodal: Where Your Cargo Defies Borders!

When the traditional rails faced a temporary halt, our innovation kicked into high gear! 🚂✨

Here at Alliance Multimodal, we thrive on transforming obstacles into golden opportunities. Amid the container’s pause in Kars due to essential railway maintenance since May 15, we, in collaboration with our esteemed partners GR Logistics & Terminals and Pasifik Eurasia Logistics Dis Trade AS, have orchestrated a pioneering solution that has rewritten the rules. As a result, we’ve not only kept the wheels turning but have also revolutionized the way cargo is delivered. We proudly present our ingenious approach, routing cargo through three distinct avenues: the Kars Akhalkalaki Railway, the Akhalkalaki Tbilisi Automobile route, and the Tbilisi Alat Railway.

The Alliance Multimodal difference goes beyond mere transportation; it’s about your cargo embarking on an odyssey defined by efficiency, unwavering reliability, and a commitment to pure excellence.

In a world where challenges can’t suppress progress, we stand at the forefront, redefining logistics with every endeavor. When tracks were silent, our determination roared, reminding the industry that innovation knows no bounds. Our dedication to delivering solutions has transcended borders, and now, your cargo transcends them too.

At Alliance Multimodal, we don’t just bridge gaps; we transcend limitations. Welcome to the new era of logistics, where your cargo’s journey isn’t just a conveyance but a symphony of strategic brilliance and operational mastery. From challenges to triumphs, from borders to boundless opportunities, we’re here to make your cargo’s voyage an unforgettable saga of success.

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