Air Freight
We operate with timetables on all the major routes across the world, working with carefully chosen carriers, so you can plan with confidence and be more productive. We provide a variety of highly adaptable products with a range of delivery speeds to best meet your needs.

Today’s dynamic global markets demand an Air Freight partner who is able to take on more of your logistics load.

The challenge is to find a supplier able to offer increased capacity across more routes worldwide, who strikes the right balance between budgets and outstanding service quality, and provides a single, dedicated point of contact that will save you time.

With efficiency and flexibility at their core, we capabilities can be customized to deliver you greater competitive advantage. Choose from our broad range of solution capabilities that can combine air, ocean and road transportation, provide premium management of your temperature-sensitive goods or offer an all-inclusive, door-to-door air freight price.

/ What cannot be shipped by air?

Use Case for Air Freight

While not all goods should be shipped by air, there are many use cases when goods would be best suited to ship by air freight. Instances where this is the case include:

  • The goods are expensive or have a high value. Precious goods or those that require strict control and shorter transit time should be shipped by air to limit exposure to loss. The more expensive the goods, the lower the percentage of the landed cost would be attributed to the shipping.
  • You’re exporting small products. It is more cost-effective to ship via air freight if the goods are more miniature.
  • You need to deliver a product within a limited time window. If time is critical, or if you have a specific deadline for delivery, air freight is a better choice because it is more consistently on time. Estimated arrivals for air cargo are often just a few days off target if they are delayed; ocean containers may be stuck at port for weeks, and transportation to and from the port can sometimes be delayed.
  • The products are unable to withstand the elements of the ocean. If your products cannot withstand dampness (for example, cardboard absorbing moisture, sensitive electronics, etc.), you should consider shipping by air.
Ocean Freight